Women Empowerment Cell

Sl.No Name of the member Role
1 Prof. Pooja Patil Chairman
2 Prof. Nivedita Ballurgi Member
3 Prof. Jyoti Biradar Member
4 Miss Divyashree Pawar (BCA) Student Member
5 Mr. Pavan Kulkarni(BCA) Student Member

National doctor's day

On July 1st 2023, National doctor's day was celebrated by IQAC & women's welfare cell of Vedant BCA and B.com college, vijayapura.
Chief guests for the function were Dr. Anuradha Joshi ( Officer FPA India, vijayapura) & Rajashri waggennawar ( field co-ordinator FPA India, vijayapura) Others dignitaries on the dais were Prof. Jyoti Biradar ( HOD of B.com department) & Prof. Borramma Sheelin.
Dr. Anuradha Joshi has addressed the girls, and given the information about the Menstrual periods, & also about maintenance of healthy lifestyle etc.
On July 1st 2023, national doctors day was celebrated by IQAC & students welfare cell of Vedant BCA & B.com of Vijayapura.
The cheif guest for the session was Dr. Raghavendra Pujari ( field co-ordinator of FPA India, vijayapura)
Other dignitaries on the dais were Prof. S.G.Math ( principal of Vedant BCA & B.com college, vijayapura) & Prof. Anil. Katnalli ( HOD of BCA department) Our guest speaker Raghvendra Pujari addressed the boys & given the information about maintenance of good health, not to do bad habits, healthy lifestyle etc.. Our Principal sir has addressed the gathering & spoke about importance of doctors day & why it is celebrated etc.

  • DATE : July 1st, 2023